Dog Story Touches Nerve

First of all let me extend my congratulations to The Voice for publishing this horrible story (“Charges pending in dog starvation,” Jan. 26) and the follow-up in the Feb. 2 newspaper, and a special thanks to the delivery person (if my memory serves me correctly) that reported this case to the proper authorities, to at least give this poor animal one or two days of comfort in her last days, because of all the cruelty she had endured for her 2 or 3 years on this planet.

There is nothing I could say to this woman that would make a difference in her, her conscious has already been seriously compromised, to feel any shame or repentance. However, I find it hard to believe that several others had not seen this dog many times before it was finally reported, yet did nothing. They are the real criminals in my opinion. Get some backbone and courage and when you see something, say something! Earlier intervention would have saved this poor dog much suffering.

Judy Miller

Huntsville, Ala.

(I left my heart in Ridgeway)



  1. It saddens me Fairfield County continues to be a well spring of tragic animal abuse stories. This is a stain on all of us . We must take community ownership and collectively vow to be part of the solution instead of passive obervers.

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