Magic Truck

Alert the news media. Notify Guinness records. Call your friends and neighbors. We have a new attraction in Fairfield County – the Magic Truck owned by the Jenkinsville Water Company President.

The Magic Truck had previously demonstrated its special properties by teleporting $10,000 in JWC deposits to who knows where.

However, The Magic Truck’s most recent “trick” is just as eye-popping. According to CPA Jones, JWC awarded the JWC President $8,089 because “That’s [annual] mileage for driving to the law office, to the bank to make deposits and things like that.” (The Voice 1/19/17).

It was also noted this travel expense included some meeting mileage. In other words, The Magic Truck traveled on local business nearly 15,000 miles, which is the equivalent of going to Los Angeles and back to conduct local business! Three times! The calculation is based on federal standard mileage rates of 54 cents per mile!

To further illustrate, The Magic Truck traversed the equivalent of more than 20 times the total number of square miles in the entire county for local business. That’s thousands miles more than it took Columbus’ to discover the new world. What an adventurous Truck!

It is no wonder why JWC gets such large crowds for their meetings. The Magic Truck is surely the draw, and from all meeting reports it will continue to be the “too much magic truck.”

Randy Bright




  1. Robert Lewis says

    Mr. Bright you are dead on with your assessment. I would offer a further comment. Both the bank and attorney for the company are located in Winnsboro. Giving His Honor a break and measuring mileage from his house and not company office, and subtracting weekends and holidays, he would have had to travel to Winnsboro two times each day for EVERY business day in 2016 to reach the number of miles he was reimbursed for.

  2. It is indeed a magic truck. I think I read that it made$10000.00
    Disappear. Hummmm I sure wish I had one of those trucks.

  3. When will the IRS come in to check Bank Accounts?

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