Letter: Budget Instructions

Any organization that requests the Fairfield County Council pay for their auditor should supply the Council with the full audit where all monies are received and salary amounts and other expenditures enclosed.

Any organization that is to receive a sum of money for a specified reason should not be reimbursed until receipts are supplied for payment.

When all surrounding Counties finish their budget process, our Administration should ask the Counties that are similar to let us look at their budgets so we may see if money could be saved to lower our spending and taxes.

Fairfield County spent a lot of money building Midlands Tech and spends money each year to run it. I would think a college would offer students courses locally to help them not have to travel to the Airport and Columbia campuses. Tech has a list of students from Fairfield County that could benefit by offering subjects for locals and students attending other colleges. What good is a college if it does not have needed classes to attend?

Jimmy R. Douglas

Fairfield County Council, District 2

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