Former FMH property sells for $1.5M

WINNBORO – After discussing the former Fairfield Memorial Hospital property sale and other items in an executive session that lasted a little over an hour, council voted 5-1 on third reading to sell the property, all doctors’ offices and the John Martin building to Eau Claire Cooperative Health Center for $1.5 million. The property and […]

State awards $30 million for internet

More Than 1,000 Fairfield Homes to Receive Internet in Next 18 Months WINNSBORO – Act 175 aimed to plug Internet coverage gaps in South Carolina’s rural areas, including Fairfield County. While full coverage remains elusive a year later, the state has taken strides toward expanding and enhancing service, according to state officials. On Monday night, […]

Critics: Roof repair ordinance full of pork

Hoof & Paw President Outlines Desperate Needs of Animal Shelter WINNSBORO – Critics of a recently approved $1.05 million capital improvements plan say the deal is loaded with pork. On Monday night, Fairfield County Council – by a slim 4-3 margin – approved final reading of the measure, which is being paid for from the […]

Hospital property sale could happen

WINNSBORO – After going into executive session during its regular meeting on Aug. 9, to receive legal advice concerning the possible sale of the former Fairfield Memorial Hospital property and its existing leases, council members voted 7-0 to sell the property to the Eau Clair Health Care Cooperative for $1.3 million. Next week, council will […]

New hurdles to Mt. Zion relocation

WINNSBORO – During Monday night’s county council meeting, Council Chair Moses Bell called on several county officials to voice their concerns about plans to relocate the county’s administration operations into the newly renovated Mt. Zion building when it’s completed in October, 2021. Bell and Councilwoman Shirley Greene took the lead in voicing those concerns, stating […]

Fairfield Majority 4 criticized for spending

WINNSBORO – Several speakers at Monday night’s Fairfield County Council meeting criticized the mixed messages they say county leaders are sending about the county’s budget and financial situation. Three speakers addressed the issue during the meeting’s public comment session at the start of the meeting, and then two council members commented during the council members’ […]

County hires $200/hour consultant to assist admin

WINNSBORO – The County’s Human Resources Director Brad Caulder was hired last month by the majority 4 as the county’s interim administrator to replace former Fairfield County Administrator Jason Taylor. Last week Caulder hired a $200 per hour consult to assist him in his administrative duties. Ed Driggers, a consultant with Parker Poe, will be […]

How will majority 4 spend $7.6M?

WINNSBORO – Approximately $7.6 million is coming to Fairfield County this month from the Dominion settlement, and county council is looking at their options for how to spend it. According to the $99.5 million settlement agreement, which was finalized in May and resulted from the county’s lawsuit in relation to the failed nuclear plant project, […]

Bell, Roseborough announce new location for $2.5M Ridgeway rec center

RIDGEWAY – The majority 4 council members voted last month to option two 1-1/2 acre parcels of land in the Town of Ridgeway for $300,000 to build a recreation center. The $2.5 million funding for the project is part of the $99 million Dominion settlement with Fairfield County. After two weeks of push back from […]

Majority 4 send MLK monument to Mt. Zion

Council Options Land for $2.5M Ridgeway Rec Center WINNSBORO – The majority 4 on Fairfield County Council – Moses Bell, Shirley Greene, Mikel Trapp and Tim Roseborough voted to support the erection of a monument to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., on the grounds of the renovated Mt. Zion property which will serve as […]