Element TV spared from tariffs

WINNSBORO – Element Electronics has been notified that the components it uses to manufacture television sets in Winnsboro are no longer subject to federal tariffs. The latest U.S Department of Commerce list of tariffs was released yesterday, and Element was not on it.

“All is well that ends well,” County Council Chairman Billy Smith said. “We could have done without the unnecessary scare, but we’re glad the administration listened to our pleas and has removed the tariffs from the parts Element imports for their products. I know there had been some public reporting about Element looking to possibly expand. I don’t know whether that’s on the table right now; but to Element, if you’re thinking about expanding in Fairfield County, we’re here to help you do that in every way we can.”

Element announced in early August that it would be closing beginning Oct. 5, due to the issuance of federal tariffs on the parts. In a letter issued to employees, Element’s Vice President of Human Resources, Carl Kennedy, announced that the company would be laying off most of its employees and closing its facility located at 392 Hwy 321 South in Winnsboro.

Element Manager Mike O’Shaughnessy blamed the closure entirely on ongoing and increasingly difficult tariff related matters.

The announcement that it would close came just months after Element Electronics sought the county government’s help as it began looking to expand its footprint and potentially increase employment and tax revenue in the county.

On Wednesday, Element released a statement, that “Our South Carolina factory will remain open!”

“Our South Carolina and Fairfield teams really came together on this, working with Element to make this possible, and I’m ecstatic at this news that all the hard work paid off,” Smith said. “It’s a great day in Fairfield County.”

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  1. This is truly “a great day in Fairfield County” Mr. Smith. Thank you, County Council, State, and Federal Officials and everyone who played a part in working toward this happy results. Terry Vickers, Fairfied County Chamber of Commerce.

  2. Donna Miller says

    Now what they going to blame it on? I think they will find another reason to close.

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