Element celebrates 5th anniversary

Gov. McMaster, Congressman Norman Praise Company’s Success WINNSBORO – “Last summer we were wondering how we were going to stay open. This year we’re wondering how we’re going to produce all the orders that are coming in like a tsunami,” Michael O’Shaughnessy, CEO and owner of Element, said during a barbecue luncheon at the facility […]

Element TV spared from tariffs

WINNSBORO – Element Electronics has been notified that the components it uses to manufacture television sets in Winnsboro are no longer subject to federal tariffs. The latest U.S Department of Commerce list of tariffs was released yesterday, and Element was not on it. “All is well that ends well,” County Council Chairman Billy Smith said. […]

Fairfield asks feds to exempt Element

WINNSBORO – Fairfield County leaders want the federal government to waive tariffs impacting Element Electronics, tariffs the TV assembler says will wipe out 126 jobs, essentially shuttering the Winnsboro plant. However, a nonprofit geared toward the manufacturing sector disputes whether tariffs and trade wars are even to blame. By unanimous vote, Fairfield County Council swiftly […]

Letter to the Editor: Exemption Could Save 126 Element Jobs

The national Fair Trade policy debate obscures the real Fairfield related issue – we can ill afford 126 job losses. Let’s support an exemption for Element and save vital jobs. The exemption’s impact on national policy would be so tiny it would not even register. However, an exemption’s impact on already fragile Fairfield would be […]

Notice of Public Hearing: Fairfield County Council-Element TV

Element gives $30K for chorus trip

WINNSBORO – Fairfield County School District’s Honors Chorus learned last September that they are one of five high school bands and choruses chosen to perform next week at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Then, last week, they got more good news when Element TV in Winnsboro donated $30,000 to help finance the $50,000 trip. […]

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