Letter: $468M Bond Too Costly

I read the article on the 20th of Sept. and agree that we cannot afford another tax increase because of a school board when the previous bonds have not been repaid. We also cannot support a bond when the plan is to repair and improve the newest high school, Westwood High. Didn’t they just overpay for a hologram for the lobby of the school? Enough is enough! No more taxes for me.


Bill Hyatt



  1. Philip White says

    OK, our kids certainly deserve quality school facilities. But that does NOT mean we should always build new ones – not if present ones can be sufficiently upgraded. What I have an enormous problem with are ballot initiatives that have no individual choices per suggested projects, nor ones that don’t clearly state the projected individual tax costs they will require! WLTX TV just reported on its website that (on the cost of these Richland II projects’ approval), “The district estimates most homeowners will pay an extra $40 a year in property taxes per each $100,000 of their home’s value.” Now why wasn’t THAT important info on the ballot???!!! Because it’s the equivalent of asking someone to sign a blank check without knowing the actual costs or true options!

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