Letters: Candidate Announces

I am proud to announce my candidacy for Fairfield County Council representative, District 7.

I will run a positive campaign focused on the economic continuity of families and children, improving our public schools, stabilizing our jobs market, and positioning Historic Winnsboro in South Carolina’s billion-dollar hospitality and tourism industry.  I am present to fulfill the job description and lead the charge as the unwavering voice, reminder, and echo,  serving the best interest of my community through visible, action-oriented thought leadership.

While growing up in Winnsboro, I became Miss Fairfield Central High School and cheer captain. I recall the humble experiences I shared with family members, friends, coaches, parents and mentors who influenced many aspects of my professional life.  On neighborhood playgrounds, in any given backyard or sitting in the same classroom as my 15-year-old daughter, is where the seeds of leadership, stewardship and civic duty were planted.  I carried these seeds throughout my years and gathered professional competencies along the way to return with the experience to resuscitate and revitalize our beautiful community.

As councilwoman for District 7, Fairfield residents will now have access to a solid leader with business acumen and an entrepreneurial mindset equipped and capable of strategic planning and executing ideas that can be leveraged for economic progression. I am a project consultant experience in corporate relationships since 2004, business coach, creative director and corporate trainer.  Matched with my community of like-minded friends, creative entrepreneurs, and innovative leaders, I am sure we can create a future we can all be proud to have been a part of.

Nicola Hamphill



  1. Jeff Schaffer says

    Not really, We in this county want people who do rather than those who talk a good game.

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