County Admin Jason Taylor resigns

WINNSBORO – Fairfield County Administrator Jason Taylor submitted his resignation to County Council earlier today, effective June 7, 2021.

Taylor sent the short, to-the-point email to Chairman Moses Bell and the other six council members at noon, Thursday, April 8.


“After careful consideration, it has become clear to me that it is time that I pursue other opportunities.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my time serving as the County Administrator. Fairfield County still has many immediate challenges that must be addressed, but with record recent investments and jobs from new industry, along with the planning being done for needed infrastructure, the County is on a path to a bright future.  Please accept this letter as my official resignation to be effective June 7, 2021.”

Taylor said he has not had a response from Bell at this time.

Taylor’s resignation follows months of his beratement at public council meetings from new County Council Chairman Moses Bell and new council member Shirley Greene. Bell also brought pressure on the county’s attorney Tommy Morgan who resigned in January. During that time two other top employees left the county’s employ. Also in January, the county’s new leadership limited Taylor’s contract to five months, and last month Bell ordered Taylor to discontinue all advertising with The Voice and to instead place the ads in the county’s ads in a newspaper published out of Camden.

Council hired Taylor in May, 2016, after the county had gone through a three year upheaval that included the resignation of the county administrator, two investigations by SLED and an election that turned over the majority of council.

During his five year tenure, Taylor led the county to new heights in a number of areas. He oversaw an actual investment of over $100 million in the county, brought in six new industries and expansions that brought almost 1,000 high paying jobs and exhausted the entire industrial building inventory. During this time, the county sold the spec building and facilitated the sale of the Walmart building, the Fazio building, the Mack Truck building and the Qualex building.

Taylor was instrumental in the development of the 1,200 acre megasite – now one of the top available industrial sites in the state.

Comment received by The Voice from County Council Chairman Moses Bell after this story was posted: “We have received correspondence from Jason Taylor, resigning his position as Fairfield County Administrator, effective June 7, 2021. We are thankful to Jason for his efforts to improve the economic environment in Fairfield County and we look forward to continuing our growth as a community.  The County Council meets again on Monday, April 12, 2021, at which time we are likely to discuss this matter and take appropriate actions. This is a time for us all to work together.” –Moses Bell

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  1. Marcus Polk says

    I doubt anyone is surprised seeing what has happened since the Group of Four has taken charge. He’s done a lot for the county during his tenure. Remember, the County had to make huge financial adjustments after the new VC Summer nuclear plants were shut down. Good man, good family, I wish them good luck wherever they go.

  2. Jeff Schaffer says

    Why..? Why would you want to get rid of an administrator who has brought so much positiveness to this county? Why? Because he is honest? Because he is motivated to see improvements.
    Why would the fab 4 majorities now want him gone? Why? because then they can rule the roost with whoever will cooperate with their mission. And an obvious blurred vision of the future.

  3. Darrell Barnes says

    Jeff as you know the county has very little funds right now
    to carry out his big visions. Even if he and 4 council members got along
    It will not be much fun running a county on a shoestring budget.

    The votes in 2019-2020 were decided before meetings with two members being
    left out.

  4. MaryGail says

    This county is broke because of the previous council decisions which composed of Brown Ferguson Kinley Robinson Trapp Perry and Marcharia. They sold us out under the leadership of Philip Hinley. Left us in debt with a $24 million bond hanging over our head. I thought that crowd was bad; but this current council has them beat. No insight into what this county is facing. Jason Taylor holds more information in his memory than they will ever be able to pull out with paper and other documents as it relates to the VC Summer fiasco. He has the information needed to negotiate whatever legal issues are ahead of us and this is “the biggest elephant in the room” and nobody is talking about that. This settlement will determine the future stability of this county and now the biggest insurance marker (Jason) we had is going away. If current council has issues with water treatment decisions, statues in a park, choices over which newspaper will get the county’s business and other daily operations that they are getting involved in , this council is truly not equipped to handle something as big as a legal battle that Fairfield Co is facing with the big guys representing Dominion/Santee Cooper. Don’t expect any help from our delegation. Still looking to see what benefit Fairfield County has received by their representation. Fairfield County tax payers: get ready for one of the biggest tax hikes we’ve seen in years. The council has absolutely no idea about conducting business at the local government level. What have we done? I know Jason will sleep better after making this decision. I hope those responsible for this decision sleeps very little. Councilperson Roseborough stated in an email, “……. As you know we are dealing with the transition of potentially having a new County Administrator “. Jason has not had a chance out of the gate. Wonder what the real agenda is for our next administrator. I wish Jason Taylor the best for him and his family. God has good things in store for Jason. What group in leadership in their right mind changes attorneys before they get as much info out of them before they leave? Best wishes to the new county attorney. They will use him as their “fall guy”. The sad part is they don’t bother to ask anybody for direction or instruction. Can you tell that I have little hope for anything good coming our way for sometime. Who would want to work with this council that is so divided. Such a disappointment. Not interested in any responses. Just saying and sharing a few of my many thoughts. . MG

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