Gilbert debunks misleading info about Town, RW line

WINNSBORO – Moses Bell grew visibly upset with fellow Councilman Clarence Gilbert when Gilbert picked apart what he said was misinformation regarding the Town’s participation with the proposed Ridgeway sewer line.

Bell, the county chairman, chastised Gilbert for disclosing what Bell said were private negotiations.

However, most of what Gilbert talked about had already been stated at another public meeting or was available in public records, according to a review by The Voice.

During Monday night’s council meeting, Gilbert voiced concerns regarding a $20 million grant being sought by the county to pay for the proposed Ridgeway sewer line.

Gilbert said one of Bell’s supporters stated on social media that Ridgeway was partnering with the county in the grant application and that the Town of Winnsboro was obstructing the sewer line project by not cooperating with the county.

“That’s not true,” Gilbert said. “Ridgeway town officials say they don’t know anything about participating in a joint application for a $20 million grant.”

Gilbert went on to say that, on its own, Fairfield County doesn’t even meet the conditions that are spelled out in the grant application, a public document.

“The grant requires that applicants have sewer customers, which the county doesn’t have,” Gilbert said. “It also requires the county to have proper permits to own and operate the sewage plant, which the county doesn’t have.

“Because the county doesn’t qualify, it must accept being partners with the Town if we are going to make this [Ridgeway sewer line] happen,” Gilbert said.

Gilbert also noted that Deputy Administrator Synithia Williams recently commented at a public Fairfield county council meeting that the Town would be expected to pay a lease fee to the county for the Ridgeway sewer line and would also be expected by the county to assume all liability and costs of maintenance and operation of the line until the proposed wastewater treatment plant is up and running, but that the county would retain ownership of the line.

The Town has not agreed to such an arrangement, according to Gilbert.

“The county appears to want to win by making the Town lose,” he said.

Gilbert also pointed out that the county’s engineer has not yet given the Town an estimate of the costs or liability the Town would be burdened with under the county’s proposal.

“Why would the Town ever agree to anything like that?” Gilbert asked.

Gilbert’s comments triggered an admonition from Bell, who backed away from engaging Gilbert in discussion.

“Mr. Gilbert, I am sorely disappointed in your statement when you know we’re in negotiations,” Bell said. “This is very disappointing. It is so disappointing that I will not comment.”


  1. Mike Bell (NO RELATON TO MOSES) says

    Liars get mad, when you call them out. Good Job Gilbert!!!!! We need to start doing more fact checking when this the 5 speak and please don’t forget the other two at the opposite end of the liars table (whitaker and williams). No need capitalize there names!!!!!!!!!!!


    Of course, he will not comment… His tail is in the RAT trap.
    It snapped and he’s trying to wiggle loose from the truth.

    Jeff Schaffer
    Lake Monticello

  3. Darrell says

    Mr. Gilbert, why did you not show up to vote on this great grant opportunity for the county, Ridgeway and Winnsboro? Why are you against this new sewer plant? The county needs the jobs and you seem to be pulling against the county.

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