Letter: A Question of Leadership

An Open Letter to Blythewood Mayor Bryan Franklin, Town Council, Richland School Board 2, and Richland County Council:

As a resident of Blythewood since 2001, I have witnessed many changes. If one is to lead one must learn to manage change. Scout Motors will bring major changes to Blythewood. Many positive and a few negative, but rest assured they are coming. For once, let’s become proactive as a united group.

Frankly, the three groups that I have identified have not shown leadership to the people they are supposed to serve. I have several thoughts and decisions that I would like you to consider as we move forward.

This project is on a fast track and your actions and decisions need to follow suit.

Weekly communication to the residents of Blythewood is a must as to the impact of 4000+ jobs will have on student enrollment, school facilities, teachers and administration.

Incorporate into Town Hall Meetings:

  • Scout Leadership to promote their scope of work.
  • Department of Transportation to inform us.
  • Spartanburg and Charleston to discuss how their growth has been impacted.

Please know now that information to all is of utmost importance. It is time our elected officials lead, inform and manage. Action is required now, not in 2026.

John T. Moore


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