Tart, Tangy and Tasty

No one is really sure how cranberries became such an integral part of Thanksgiving celebrations. Most historians believe it had something to do with the generosity of Native Americans who used the cranberry for food as well as medicine, and, in turn, shared the bounty at that very first Thanksgiving. Conveniently, cranberries are harvested in […]

Tricks For Delicious Treats

According to RetailMeNot, age 14 is the age when children need to stop trick-or-treating. But that doesn’t mean adolescents (and adults) have to stop celebrating the spooky holiday. In fact, two out of three adults feel Halloween is a holiday for them and not just kids. Some 13% of Americans say Halloween is their favorite […]

The Great Pumpkin Battle

Every year Pumpkin Spice Season begins earlier and earlier. After the first Pumpkin Spice Latte hits the market in September, we are on a Pumpkin Spice Ride that gives us at least 3 months of solid celebration. From Pumpkin Spiced Cheerios to Pumpkin Spiced Potato Chips, our shelves and stores are jammed packed with “limited […]

Whole Wheat Baking Treats

Recently, a dear friend gave me 25 pounds of whole wheat flour. She’d stocked up and suddenly found herself relocating to the Wild West. It didn’t seem prudent to pack up 25 pound of flour and move it 2,000 miles. I made room in my freezer and started figuring out delicious ways to use my […]

The Fruit of Culinary Knowledge

Apple season is here again, so it’s time to round up the kids and take a day trip to the apple orchard and bring home lots of apples and even more memories. If, after you’ve finished “Instagramming” all those adorable orchard pics and making quarts of applesauce as well as the ubiquitous apple crisp for […]

Great Cake is Good Chemistry

In the simplest terms, baking is nothing more than a chemical reaction between ingredients that produce a very pleasing end result. As with most chemical reactions, any variation on the recipe will result in disaster; or worse, no cake. When I came across several recipes that seemed to “break” all the rules of baking that […]

Fancy Twist on Classic Mac ‘n Cheese

Thank you Thomas Jefferson for your amazing contributions to these United States of America. You gave us the dumbwaiters, the hideaway bed, the pedometer, the revolving bookstand, the Declaration of Independence (eternal thanks and admiration for this little gem) and last but not least, macaroni and cheese. Rumor has it that Jefferson actually served macaroni […]