Ridgeway angel wings may violate zoning ordinance

RIDGEWAY – Two giant angel wings painted last week on the side of the Olde Town Hall Restaurant in downtown Ridgeway are causing a stir and may have broken a law, according to the town’s zoning administrator. Ridgeway resident Patsy Palmer, who consigned the painting, reportedly said she had permission from town council to have […]

Mystery entity helping RW mayor to acquire grant for splash pad

RIDGEWAY – Ridgeway Mayor Heath Cookendorfer announced to town council members last week that the Town had received a S.C. Parks and Recreation Department grant for $40,242.75 to be used to construct a 30-foot x 30-foot splash pad in the town’s park. He asked council to approve the grant, which requires a $10,000 match from […]

Swearing to Serve –

RIDGEWAY – Ridgeway Mayor Heath Cookendorfer administered the oath of office to the town’s two newly elected town council members: Belva Bush Belton, left, and Don Prioleau. Belton is accompanied by her son Justin Martin and her husband David Curtis Belton. Belton returns to council after a six year absence. Prioleau, who has served on […]

All Ridgeway, Jenkinsville candidates win seats

JENKINSVILLE/RIDGEWAY – There were no surprises in the Jenkinsville and Ridgeway town council elections on Tuesday. Everyone who ran for a seat – and one who didn’t –  were all elected. Mayor Gregrey Ginyard was re-elected to his post for another four years and his wife, Betty will now be by his side at the […]

Notice of Election: Town of Ridgeway

Notice of Election: Town of Ridgway

RW goats lose bid to live in town

RIDGEWAY – Since July, the burning question of whether goats should be allowed to live in downtown Ridgeway has hung in the air.   When town resident Natalie Weathers brought two goats to live in the side yard of her residential property on Peach Street last summer, town council allowed her to keep the goats […]

Notice of Public Hearing: Ridgeway Town Council

Council leases former fire station for Ridgeway retail

RIDGEWAY – Continuing concerns about how Ridgeway’s new water tower turned out, prompted an executive session at the beginning of the Town Council meeting Thursday evening. ‘Contractual Matter regarding Civil Engineering of Columbia (CEC),’ was the stated reason on the agenda for the executive session. Following the session, Councilman Rufus Jones made a motion to […]

Goats could soon be living in Ridgeway

RIDGEWAY – At last week’s town council meeting, council proposed an amendment to Ordinance 6-1001 which prohibits [live]stock and cattle from running loose on the streets of Ridgeway. While the amendment is not aimed at reversing the ordinance to allow farm animals to run loose in town, it will, if passed, allow them to live […]