Academy is Historic

This is in response to the Dec. 22 article (“Academy goes historic”) when Tom Utroska questioned the importance of the auditorium and gym of the Academy. I have lived in Blythewood all my life. I started school there and remember my daddy, who was a carpenter, helping to build the gym. I remember good times […]

Operate Now

Our County Council tells us they are putting a band aid on the problem by increasing salaries to just what other counties pay for life saving services. Stop! Do the surgery now, and save us the money of playing catch-up when they leave because some other county offered just a bit more. We get what […]

Blame Game

We now have a new standard for absurd excuses from Fairfield’s County Council. Monday past, two council members, incredibly, blamed the citizenry for Council’s two year failure to address the county’s Safety Teams’ staffing crisis. That’s right, the citizens, are at fault for not giving our Safety Teams appropriately competitive salaries, thus, creating dangerously low […]

Candidate Speaks

I grew up in the Dark Corner of Fairfield County and my husband, Jimmy, and I currently live in Feasterville. I love my district and would love to serve the residents of District 3 as their County Council member. If elected I will have several priorities. We need better pay for our EMS paramedics so […]

Forum Tells the Tale

Monday night the debate for my District 4 was in full swing. Mr. Quincy Pringle and Mrs. Bertha Goins both offered honest and direct hits. Their opponent Kamau Marcharia never even showed up for the debate. Why get in the ring when you know you’re going to get knocked out? I am amazed that the […]

Duke Proposal Risky

Duke Energy is seeking to amend its Water Quality Certificate in several ways. Most importantly, it proposes to increase the levels of lakes James, Norman and Wylie by 6 inches each. This will add more than 1.1 billion cubic feet of water to the lakes upstream of Lake Wateree, increasing significantly the risk of flooding […]

Vote Harden

It is time for new leadership in Fairfield County’s District 6. I feel strongly that Gwen Harden can lead this county to a brighter future. She has done her homework and knows what this county needs to strive for. Our goals should be defined and well planned to avoid wasteful spending. I have known her and […]

Vote for Your Library

With four County Council seats evidently up for grabs and multiple contenders, we voters have important decisions to make. What priorities and visions does each candidate have and how will he or she work to improve our communities and our quality of life here in Fairfield County? My pressing questions involve our county library system […]

Easy Choice

Every day the media reminds us of the stark contrasts between our District 17 State Senate candidates. One all-important contrast is their approach to resolving our state’s problems. Candidate Mike Fanning espouses a shoot first plan, which raises taxes by $2 billion annually. On the other hand, Mark Palmer’s more thoughtful strategy prioritizes eliminating waste, fraud […]

Palmer for Senate

I have known Mark Palmer for several years and have found him to be an honorable Christian man. As a fellow veteran, his U.S. Army service in Operation Iraqi Freedom and him being the recipient of the Bronze Star speaks to his patriotism and valor. More than anything else, what I like about Mark is […]