The wait is over. It’s time to get cookin’

You’ve watched as they gathered the recipes, maybe even contributed one or two yourself; you’ve filled out the pre-order forms. Now it’s time for the unveiling. Hot off the press, “The Cooks of Fairfield County” cookbook is now ready for the grand unveiling at a special dessert event to be held on Sunday, August 25 […]

Release Your Hidden Artist

Local artist Campbell Frost says there’s a hidden artist in all of us. The Fairfield County Arts Council (FCAC) is inviting all those artists to come out and play. You hesitate to use five-dollar words like “renaissance” when talking about how something has improved or changed, but when we’re talking about the Fairfield County Arts […]

Clap for the Wolf, Man . . .

Pine Tree puts Doo-Wop twist on classic tale Start with the 1950’s doo wop group Sha Na Na. Now tell them to put on a performance of Little Red Riding Hood and you have some idea of what to expect from the upcoming Pine Tree Playhouse production of the children’s musical, “Doo Wop Wed Widing […]